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Tuesday, August 28, 2007

No Reservations

I've got a fairly recent guilty pleasure... I love watching Anthony Bourdain's show, Anthony Bourdain No Reservations. He has one of the coolest jobs I've ever seen... He's a chef, he's an author, and he's a traveler. He goes to places from the exotic to the perceived-to-be mundane and tries the local dishes that can range from gourmet to the fare of those in abject poverty. He can appreciate the perfect hamburger just as much as the perfect pan-seared foie gras. He's no snob, and I love that about his show. It's unpretentious and often laughs at itself.

One of his experiences I envy the most was in Brazil. He and some rich chicks went to a lady's house whose job it is to cook and entertain paying company in her own little home. The sang, danced, drank, ate, ate, ate, and then all took a nap on a big bed with all the innocence of a collection of kittens. How perfect would a day like that be?


humble simpleton said...

He looks like a toilet spider (is slim). A gourmet I have associated rather with an elephant-soccer ball :-> Good for him, he must not be bothered with diets and master his work instead.

TeacherLady said...

He drinks like a fish and eats food that is fried to the point that it is in a food group of its own, so perhaps it's all the travel and potential stomach viruses that have kept him slim!