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Wednesday, July 18, 2007

Now Leaving Canada, Eh.

I thought I was worldly wise, but then I also thought Canada was a country filled with frigid moose with snow collecting on their antlers and great comedic actors. It's freaking hot here, and the best comedy I've had all vacation is my own sister. She and I always had a special kind of friendship whereby we make each other laugh until one or both of us wets our knickers and stumbles off in defeat. We laughed our way through Egypt, giggled through Turkey, guffawed through Great Britain, and now have Canada to add to the list of foreign countries we've embarrassed ourselves in.

One of my favorite incidents this summer involved one of our many trips on the buses. She spotted a guy at the back of the bus who caught her eye. She discretely called to me and spoke in Arabic.

"TeacherLady, look at the guy at the back... He looks like the guy from that movie... What's it called...? 'Wiiiilsoooon', you know? HUGE beard, big hair..."

Now he may have guessed from her constantly darting her eyes back at him while talking to me, but it may have also been a give away that she seems to think that the Arabic masked the wild gestures she was making with her hands! She gave the universal signs for 'big ass beard and mess of hair that John Goodman could get lost in" and sure enough, when I risked a peek back, he was looking right at me. He was actually a really good looking guy, who had decided (for God knows what reason) to hide behind Cousin It. I mentioned this quietly to my sister, who then reappraised him and agreed.

After we got off the bus, she announced to the window (in English):

Sister: So cute!

As I mentioned, it's freaking hot here. The windows were open. He continued to stare back at us in confusion.

Sister: Oh shit! The window was open! Oh shit! My face is burning, oh my GOD how embarrassing!

I love my sister. I laugh laughing with her. Or in this case, AT her.
PS: I used to have a crush on John Candy when I was a kid.

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ra said...

john candy was so cool. i think one of my favs must have been uncle buck. then planes trains and automobiles.