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Tuesday, June 05, 2007

Veronika Decides To Die

I seem to be on a depressing book kick, but contrary to the assumption you would make from the title, Veronika Decides To Die isn't a masochistic read for the miserable and won't have you slashing your wrists with whatever vaguely sharp object is lying around in your vicinity. It's written by Paulo Coelho who wisely chose to use his experience of incarceration in a mental health facility as a source of artistic inspiration rather than an excuse for vengeance on his parents, as most of us might do.
In this case, Veronika has failed her attempt at suicide and wakes up in an asylum where she is told that she has irreparably damaged her heart with the overdose of sleeping pills she had given herself.
Through various characters, the author explores what it means to be "insane" and heavily emphasizes his belief that to not live life to the fullest is the greatest insanity of all.
In saying that, I haven't given anything enormous away, so if you're interested it's certainly worth picking up.

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City boy said...

I read it a while ago, it's good.