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Tuesday, June 12, 2007

Up To My Nostrils In Stink.

Not that anyone will miss me much, but my postings shall be far fewer and in between from now on as I spend more time with my spawn. She's cuter than this PC and her crashes are only marginally fewer in number.

She's recently acquired the nasty flu type thingie that I've just recovered from, and so my guilt trip has turned into a sabbatical from my blogging. What's even more sad is that her diapers have the absorbency of one of those lame shiny-textured napkins they give at ice cream parlors, so almost every morning she's woken up with a mud wrap. A real, stinky, horrific, nightmarish mud wrap. The feet to her pajamas just help hold it all in. I feel so bad for her. My husband's just caught it too, but the age gap between us has yet to call for me to wipe his bottom.


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Esmerelda said...

Bless you darlin'.

A was very ill with something similar once. Although, I didn't realize the #2 was sliding out of his diaper. After a long night of vomiting all over everything, he finally fell asleep. I smelled poo, but opted to let us both sleep.

We woke up sleeping in a puddle of it. GROSS.