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Thursday, June 21, 2007

The Other Side of War

I've just finished reading The Other Side of War: Women's Stories of Survival and Hope as I couldn't put it down for very long the past three days I've had it out from the local public library.
It's a collection of tales from survivors of various wars with useful summaries of the conflict of each region at the start of each section. It filled in some gaps in my knowledge and continued to confirm my belief that the UN is fucking useless in so many ways. I'm sure they do plenty of good, but there are moments of such ineffectual shoulder shrugging that I can't help but think they need to be more forceful than careful at times (such as their not using arms to defend the lives of hundreds of thousands of people in the Rwanda. Because using guns would have been wrong. I'm sure the woman who lay pretending to be dead under the butchered bodies of her seven children and husband was so grateful that no guns were used in her family's defence... I bet she was also grateful for the UN supplies that were then given to her attackers when they fled to neighboring villages. So thoughtful.)

It was incredibly enlightening and reminded me to go to the link I have on the right hand side of this page under my list of charities- Women for Women International to sign up to sponsor a woman in a war torn country to help her learn to help herself. With my money, she will receive the money she needs to have her children and/or herself educated, learn a trade, buy supplies for her trade, and feed herself and her family as well as get medicines etc. I have to do something to try to leave this world a little bit better than when I found it. I urge you to do the same in whatever way you wish through Give.org.
I'll give an update on how that goes once I've been paired with a "sister".


ra said...

keep on rockin teacherlady!

will add give.org link to me blog. taking is so easy, why does it bother us to give? lack of compassion, it is rather unfortunate that we teacch our children that it's a dog eat dog world where only the strongest survive and then we have examples of men in power decimating countries and lives.

the UN is just a front for the viewership of the masses. the good they do is almost always completely overshadowed by their apathy. i wonder when the oil runs out, who will remain fighting and what other reason they can possibly drum up in order to continue fuelling their war machines. it is in our nature to fight, it is also in our nature to make peace.

i asked my colleague the other day, what if we wake one day and everything on this planet is ok. no war, no racism, no crime.....i had an answer ready. and he agreed. we would not let it be. we would find a way to pull apart that delicate sense of harmony.

i have been ridiculed for trying to going against the system, most times because i do it alone. but i will continue. it has to start somewhere.

teacherlady, keep on rockin the free(?) world. it will be someday.

humble simpleton said...

Do you know Cairo freeze?
Go to the picture from 02 June 2007. Sometimes I'm stunned by this dude's ability to imbue a simple picture with such a tremendous meaning and expression.