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Friday, June 01, 2007

Is That Beer In Your Sippy Cup...?

Yet again, another reason for my loving the Japanese culture. Sangaria, a Japanese beverage company, has come out with a new beer for kids. It's non-alcoholic, but has all the appearances of the real thing. I can't wait for them to realize the market potential for kiddie jello-shots!


humble simpleton said...

That is nothing new. Almost every brewery here has alcohol-free beer in their offer. In pubs you can order a glass or at least, buy a bottle. Good for drivers. New thing is teaching kids to drink beer since childhood.
Now let me go a bit off-topic and stick to my ambassador duties. Czech rep. is living now with newly born baby gorilla in Prague zoo. Webcam from the pavilion here, HERE HTTP://WWW.ROZHLAS.CZ/UNMASKING/COMMENTS/_GALERIE/350864?TYPE="image&pozice=1"> photogallery. I believe you would be interested.

humble simpleton said...

Gosh, I was curious just when will I screw the tags for the first time. Webcam is good, now lets give a second try to the photogallery.

humble simpleton said...

Good, now, You can fix the first one and delete the other comments, can you..