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Thursday, June 07, 2007


In response to a semester exam question:

Defition of homogenous mixture-


As a teacher representative of the Gay Straight Alliance at the school, I should probably have a little talk with her, but somehow I'm not sensing homophobia so much as a girl who should have studied a teensy bit harder for her exam that was EXACTLY THE SAME AS HER STUDY GUIDE... BUT WITH FEWER CHOICES IN THE MULTIPLE CHOICE SECTION. Oh my freaking God.

You start to get the impression that we're holding out A's and if the kid can be bothered to get off of his/her ass, they "earn" it. Some of these kids don't even make the effort to lift half a butt cheek, let alone the whole ham. Next we'll start rewarding kids for simply showing up... Oh wait. We already do that...


Realm Of Dreams said...

HAHAHA! The whole ham! HAHA!

humble simpleton said...

That reminds me of Empress Maria Theresia, who in the year of 1774 introduced compulsory school attendance for all kids for 6 years, except summer season, when they must have helped with the work on fields, today we call it "vacations." Not sending kids to school was a serious crime.