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Tuesday, May 08, 2007

They're Not Gonna Take It.

I know this isn't funny or entertaining news, but I am SO glad that the U.A.E. is making a move towards allowing the set up unions for the enormous number of mistreated migrant workers. I'll never be able to express the shame I feel regarding the treatment of Asian workers in the Middle East in general. I'm tired of hearing how much more they're making there than back home in India, because it's not that good and the humiliation they get is just not worth it. You'd think, by their reaction, that you're saving these guys' lives by giving them a 50 cent tip.

These people built countries like the U.A.E., and it's about time they get the respect they deserve. Thank you, for this study, Human Rights Watch.
Also, I really hope that- like me- you've got Twisted Sister's song stuck in your head.

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