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Monday, May 07, 2007

The Teen In Me.

I need a second weekend to recover from the first...
My sisters-in-law invited me along to their friend's sleepover party, and not having been to a sleepover since I was a teenager, I joked that we should have a pillow fight in skimpy camis ala John Hughes 80's teen sex comedy.

We did.

For lack of camis, we did it in our bras. And took pictures. May they never see the light of day.

Prior to that, we had decided that the instructions in tampon boxes could be misleading and unclear, and so some of us volunteered to demonstrate correct usage of the sanitary items (we were all fully clothed, so don't be TOO grossed out). I decided that all good teachers utilize non-examples as well, and so as one woman posed with the aforementioned item poised at her ear, one of my sisters-in-law stood next to her waggling her index finger indicating that the usage was incorrect. You can probably guess where else was an inappropriate position for the tampon to be.

It was liberating to be a teenager again, and it's definitely something every woman should do. You don't necessarily have to do the tampon thing per se, but being a teenager without all the stupid hang-ups and laughing for the sake of your sanity is a beautiful thing.


Dazed & Confused said...

the last sleep over i had we ended up jumping in the pool fully clothed and drinking Oreo shakes in the pool as well :)

TeacherLady said...

Oh wow. An Oreo shake sounds amazing right now.

jj's mama said...

Haha! Too funny.

I remember having all of my friends over one night while my parents were out of town. We went into Arabic chat rooms and convinced the FOBs to give us their numbers. Then we'd call them and mess with them all night. I'll never forget the guy that tried to impress us by telling us he had a "Lander Cruiser."

Good times.