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Friday, May 04, 2007

A Simple Case of Misunderstanding.

My Little Project is prone to lapsing into moments of distraction such that he misses what is being said... Such a lapse took place in history once on a day I was in another class.
A white student was reading aloud a passage in the book and the word "negro" came up.

MLP was jarred out of his reverie.

MLP: What did you say?
History teacher: Sit down.
MLP: He can't say that...!
History teacher: SIT down, MLP.
MLP (addressing the white kid): It's ON motherfucker. Say it to my goddamn face!
History teacher: Right. Get out. Now.

MLP shouts more profanity on his way past the white kid and out the door. The principal is passing by and he's quickly briefed by the history teacher who is trying to keep his class going. The principal explains MLP's error to him out in the hall.

Moments later, MLP pokes his head in the room and in an almost jovial, but very sincere tone he pipes:


Now if he could only get the real 'n' word out of his own vocabulary, we may be getting somewhere!

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jjs mama said...

Aww, I missed MLP. He cracks me up.