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Friday, May 18, 2007

Mighty Hermaphrodite.

Student 1 just seem to exist merely to provide me with priceless material for my blog, as I have yet to find any other direction for him life.

In science class, which seems to be an apt place to bring up subjects of an anatomical nature (despite not being a biology class), student 1 yet again managed to dredge up a real ice-breaker for parties:

Student 1: What do you call it when you have both the meat and the girl parts?

Science teacher:… A hermaphrodite. (His eyes dart towards me. He knows material for a few teacher-only meetings is coming our way). Why do you ask?

Student 1: How is that possible?

Science teacher: The person is born with both parts, but one usually works better than the other so they… become one sex only. Through surgery.

Student 1: So I might have been like that??

Student 2: Boy, if I had both I’d have sex with myself all day long.

(TeacherLady thinks: And that’s different how…?)

Student 1: Na man, you could get pregnant... Do you think I could grow boobs?

I silently pray these students never get anyone pregnant. Ever.


Dazed & Confused said...

that's such a good question , can a hermaphrodite impregnate him/herself ?

not physically have sex with him/her self but be able to produce both sperms and have an overy ??????

this would make a freaky yet interesting movie :P

ra said...


they really think and talk like that?

this world never ceases to amaze.

you could always tell them they're like starfish, no brains but ready to multiply.


TeacherLady said...

Dazed, my guess is that even if we posessed two sets of functioning sexual organs, biological evolution would probably make it impossible to impregnate ourselves... As that famous chap once said "consider the lilies...", flowers that have both sexual organs are built to make it virtually impossible to fertilize themselves.
You can tell who the real nerd was in her biology class.

Ra, sadly they DO talk like this. My blog would be funnier if I were willing to add or alter the quotes, but the sad fact is that I am being thoroughly honest about everything I post in here, especially about the students I work with. I'm a crappy liar, so I don't tend to bother doing it much.

At the rate these kids are having kids, I'll be teaching their offspring before I know it! Talk about making me feel old!

Forsoothsayer said...

we all asked these exact same questions back in the day...was that just my school?
i think a hermaphorite impregated him/herself on tv before...on like ER or Law and Order.

also, most guys of my acquaintance would love to grow boobs. then they'd never have to leave the house.

TeacherLady said...

I think the concern comes from using the kind of language they do with their teachers, and not just each other. I would never have referred to a penis as "meat" with my teachers!

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