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Tuesday, May 15, 2007

I Do Have a Life, Really!

Having returned to the gaming scene, I was reminded of what I was missing in my days of late stage pregnancy and early stage sleep deprivation soon thereafter.
In the world of gamers, sentences are strung together using combinations of words you would never have dreamed of before...
May I present to you last week's beauty...

"I took a midget to the chest... And almost died!"


"The Demonic Nazi Cow Rustlers of New York? It's all so clear to me now."

I'm glad, at least, that I don't game with anyone as loony as the chaps described in this thread where people share descriptions of the creepiest people they've ever gamed with. Our friends directed me to this website, so if I read any post about a creepy Arab chick, I'm going to feel obligated to stalk all of them and unleash some badass spells on their butts.

Seriously, I'm lame, but not THAT lame. I know my WIS isn't that high... I know because I checked out my real life stats on this page. Their system is flawed, however, because if they think going to college makes you a smarter person, they haven't been to college lately. I'd never seen so many idiots gathered in one place short of a political rally.

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