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Wednesday, May 16, 2007

Happy Meal? VERY Happy, thank you.

What convenience! A Happy meal that gives you the munchies and food to satisfy them! Giggling like an idiot is a bonus.

You know how when you learn a new word, it seems to crop up time and again soon after? It seems my exposure to the whole concept of ganja is sprouting weed stories all around me.


ra said...

teacherlady, would it be ok if i linked u to me blog? still kinda new to the blogworld, been a few months only

humble simpleton said...

Jesus is smoking dope in paradise, god sees him. "What the hell are you doing, drop it at once, and if I see it again, I shall banish you to the Earth." Jesus the lark smokes again, and again the almaighty sees him. "That's it, I warned you, begone!" Jesus appears in the Tatras(slovakian mountains) and meets baca(sheepherder).
Baca:"Hallo good man, where do you wander?"
Jesus:"I just tag along, don't you have some weed, baca?"
"Sure" .. smoking .. smoking ..
"Hey baca, I must tell you something, I am Jesus."
"Good one, isn't it?"

TeacherLady said...

Ra, sure feel free.
Humble, I love it when you share your jokes! I wish I could remember enough to share too... I always laugh and think "I must remember that one!" then promptly forget it.

ra said...

thanks teacherlady!!

keep on bloggin

The Raccoon said...

Hey, ganja is your friend. But what kind of a moron keeps his is a happy meal? :)

TeacherLady said...

My students once told me of a KFC they knew here where a dealer would sell his weed through a code used by the drive-in customers. Apparently, they'd ask for the "extra biscuit" and get a baggie for their troubles. Sounds stupid to me. Some little old lady could really just want an extra biscuit. Hilarity would undoubtably ensue.
My only guess is that's what was happening in this particular case.