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Friday, May 11, 2007

Does Anyone Speak German?

I'm not quite sure what this German organization does, but it certainly has an interesting website. They advertise themselves with this blurb:

"Munich, 19 April 2007
Dear Mr Noone,
It is with deep sadness that we acknowledge the death of your idea. Beloved ideas are often torn from this world far too soon, and whether these unexpected farewells are at the behest of consultants, creative directors or customers, the pain is always real.
Perhaps your grief will be easier to bear if you know that others share in it -thousands of ideas die each day. Join our large, grieving community at http://www.ideenfriedhof.com/ and commiserate with friends over the grandeur of your idea. To find peace, please use the enclosed memorial park, which will make your desktop a place of solemn reflection.
You’ll realise how good it feels to let go. Wonderful days with beautiful new ideas lie before you. Our online catalogue ‘One Life’ will show you the latest and most important visual trends and will inspire you to fresh, stunning ideas.
With best wishes for your creative future,
Horst Zsifkovits Vice President of Sales Central and Northern Europe "


humble simpleton said...

Since I'm not very keen on using tags in comments I must first do some testing.

humble simpleton said...

Good. Now, you already know 'Hof' from Hasselhoff. In german language words are often linked together to make another word, so let's make an autopsy of 'Ideenfriedhof':
Hof = yard; Fried = rest, peace; Ideen = ideas; Friedhof = cemetery; Ideenfriedhof = cemetery of ideas. All you can do on this site is to send an e-card, just in different coat. You choose a tombstone, write down your idea, and descript your idea, which are codenames for headline and text. The result can be something like this. (click on 'Trauerkarte';Trauer = sadness; Karte = card) The point is to lead you, and the receiver of the card, to the Getty Images software, think I. It has something to do with picture downloading, for a price of course. So yes, it is a marketing bullshit.
Next time you can ask me directly :-)

TeacherLady said...

Good old, Humble Simpleton! "Humble" you may be, a "Simpleton" you are not.

I had actually remembered your lesson regarding the term "hof", and I had guessed at the rest of the website's title, but I was confused as to why you would want to "bury" your dead ideas online and how the company made its money!

humble simpleton said...

Nevertheless, I actually have installed their soft, and it looks interesting. There is listing of some actual events - cultural, sports, etc. and after click you can see set of shots from that event. If nothing at least you know what is going on, today there is among others some Japanese kimono queen.. here
No knowledge of German needed, there is:
blahblahblah (win version)
blahblahblah (mac version)
then click 'Akzeptieren'. Kinda similar to 'Accept' isn't it?
btw. their e-cards seem to have limited living time, therefore the link from my previous comment doesn't work anymore.

humble simpleton said...

aah, I confused the last comment a little bit, the link is to the download page, not to the kimono queen.