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Friday, May 25, 2007

Do They Serve Drinks in the Handbasket to Hell?

Science teacher: I got cussed out yesterday.

TeacherLady: Really? What happened? Who was it?

ST: Some skinny white kid with a 'fro with a dirty little mustache. Upper classman. Real jerk. He was cussing out the seniors outside my door, so I told him to quiet down and leave, and he starts yelling "Fuck you! Motherfucker!"

TL: Wow. Okay. Bit extreme.

ST: Oh he was going off on everyone. So I'm leaving later on and he's by the buses yelling "Fuck you!" at me again and another teacher calls him by name and says "Don't make it worse" and he said "I'm already getting suspended so I'm getting my money's worth- Suck my dick, bitch!"

Whatever happened to tucking a tail between one's legs when one gets in trouble? I guess this guy didn't have the room what with the colossal balls he seemed to have in the way.


Anonymous said...

what do you expect from teenagers at this day and age? and in the liberty they grow up on in the USA!

I think teachers shouldn't take their jobs too seriously,as long as they get paid at the end of the month,high school education will not effect those students lives if they just pass through it...so just let kids be kids and dont let it get to your head.

an arab lead zepppelin

'liya said...

Wow, I totally disagree with that first comment.

"and in the liberty they grow up on in the USA" um... okayyyy
if you think students in other parts of the world are immune from this type of behaviour you are seriously mistaken.

"think teachers shouldn't take their jobs too seriously" then we'd be nowhere. High school education DOES affect students it helps them decide where they want to go ...

TeacherLady said...

Yes, 'Liya, sadly when I visited back home, I was told by the staff at the school I hd gone to that the kids are worse each year, a belief strongly held by many teachers over here in the States too.
We have to take our jobs seriously because standards and expectations continue to drop, perpetuating this kind of behavior. It's because a lot of parents don't take their roles seriously that we have to deal with such behaviors and the kids hace such a hard time shaking loose of them.
We give them our patience and understanding, but to expect less of them would be unfair since society won't give them any more understanding than the next man.