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Tuesday, May 22, 2007

Arab Hotties.

Seeing a picture of Nancy Arjam in this BBC article just gives me a Coke craving. She did a cute Coke commercial a couple of years ago, for those of you who may not be familiar... You can probably find it on Youtube.

I feel a little bad that the changing face of young Arab singers is moving towards a more... Well... Slutty look because it only reinforces what traditional Arabs perceive to be the evil influence of the West.

Why be a Bratz tart...

When you can be a fabulous Fulla?

Actually, it's really hard to find pictures of the non-hijab-wearing Fulla doll, since the media is far more excited about the extremes than a true representation- surprise surprise- but I was pleasantly surprised by the (what I would call) 'modestly' dressed dolls who were classy as opposed to... Whorish.

I shall have to buy one the next time I'm back home so my little girl can throw it away and scream about how she wants a real Bratz doll like all her friends and how she hates me and my fascist attitude towards parenting and if I'm so in love with the ideals of the 'motherland' that I should just go back there and that I'm a hypocrite anyway because I've got my own share of tight little outfits and low cut blouses and GOD why are parents so retarded? They, like, totally forget that they were young once and if I'd only listen to what her boyfriend Seth has to say, I'd realize he's a really sweet guy and stop making fun of his lisp because he can't help it since he got his tongue split, and when am I going to get off her back and let her start taking the pill and get a tattoo like all the other 7th graders?

Oh I'm sorry. I sometimes get flashes of the future and a little part of me dies.

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Esmerelda said...

OH my. That made me laugh out loud.