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Saturday, April 14, 2007

What The Hell Is This In Your Purse??

I've got a plan. Being half Arab, I've been "randomly selected" for extra searching in airports all the time, even prior to Sept. 11th, and each time I try to think of things to put in my luggage in the hopes of making the guy blush as he rifles through it. I put my best underwear on top one year, edible massage oils another, now I have this to look forward to! Rather than be a bit too obvious and put an enormous vibrator in there (far too predictable), something more subtle and confusing such as a Banana Bunker might just do the trick.
If they ask what it's for, I can say:
"It keeps my banana snug," and wink for extra effect.

Hell, if it were my job to go through people's personal belongings, I'd pray for something bizarre and interesting to break up the monotony.


humble simpleton said...

OMG! that hurts. Please next time put a 'marketing bullshit warning', so I can prepare myself for a lot of pain.

jj's mama said...

Haha! I bet you would be so much fun to travel with.