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Friday, April 20, 2007

Sad But Funny!

Based on what little I know of this man, "Gorgeous George", I guess I can't feel too bad that his public access TV program got hijacked by prank callers to the point of being impossible to run. He sounds less than open-minded and comes across as quite the greasy little man, especially when his tone changes as he realizes he has a female caller on the line.


humble simpleton said...

Just plain "fat pig" or "gay" is silly, toilet flushing is nice use of non-verbal communication, but this one rocks:
"I'm about 6'1"
"No way, I didn't know they can stack shit that high." LOLOLOL

Who is that guy, the people seem to really hate him.

TeacherLady said...

I know, that's my favorite part too! I love how that woman used his weakness for her sex to set the trap!
I haven't bothered to look this guy up, but he just seems like your average narcassistic nobody who owns his own talk show on public access TV and has his own posse of cheerleaders who might even look more pathetic than him!