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Thursday, April 26, 2007

Please Let Me Pee In Peace.

Where there's a will, there's a way, and the will of deviant students often leads the way to the restrooms.

When I used to work in a Junior High building, students were beaten up in the restrooms, weapons were found in the restroom garbage cans, smoke wafted from the loos, paper towel dispensers were set on fire, and a teacher told me of the time he walked in on a girl who was servicing a NUMBER of boys in the boys' bathroom.

A similar problem with the loos in British schools has led to this proposal to have misted glass walls around each toilet cubicle. It's a sad state of affairs that has led to their having to do this, but I guess it's a fair representation of the type of environment they should expect in prison where their privacy is valued even less if they continue to break rules and put others in danger.

I often use the student's restroom as it is far closer than the staff one, but God knows I HATE overhearing the things that I do. I only wanted to go in for a pee and I come out having to write up a gaggle of class-skippers.

My work never ends. I am the po-po, the Five-oh, and there's no rest for this "Hot Fuzz"... Ooh, that sounded more exciting than I meant!

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