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Thursday, April 12, 2007


I finally got sick of hearing students 1 and 2 talk about drugs and got a number of reports all day from other teachers that they were talking about having dime bags so I wrote them up and asked security to come search their lockers. Of course the bastards had to come up to the hallway we were in with the intention of getting to their lockers just as we were about to search them, so they saw me and the gloved security guard. We didn't find anything, but the guard said he could smell a faint trace of weed.

Student 2 just saw me in the hallway just now, glared and hissed "Five-oh". It's their nickname for cops.

Great. I thought I was having a hard time with them before, now it's going to be hell on earth. If you don't see any more posts from me, you'll know I got shanked by some thug on the way to my car!

It's a shame Henson isn't hiring right now...


jj's mama said...

Dude, where do you teach???

TeacherLady said...

I teach in a school that has such diverse kids that it can feel like a totally different place to different teachers depending on what kind of classes/kids they teach. It's a microcosm, and I never get to see the cream of the crop, so my view is a little tainted.