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Tuesday, April 24, 2007

Clean Up Your F*cking Language.

Somehow I don't think Russel Simmons' decree that all rap should exclude the use of words such as "n*gger", "bitch" and "ho" will go down well. He may lose a lot of artists from his label, so I admire his prioritization of his morals over moolah.
I find it difficult to agree with the censoring of any art form, but it's within his rights to control where his money goes, so good on him.
I can see what the propagation of these negative attitudes can have on the behavior of teenagers and their lowered expectations of themselves, their female peers, and on a race as a whole. I don't know what it would take to diminish these attitudes, but this is a start.

Anyway, I much prefer being called a "whore". I find it more empowering.

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ra said...

how did Russel Simmons make his money in the first place?

lol @ what you prefer being called. hmm, i'd like to be called the amazing spiderman or maybe xtreme man, tho a friend of mine already has a name for me - the incredible sulk.