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Monday, April 30, 2007

Au Revoir, Until Next Time, Sandmonkey.

With all this talk of Big Brother, it seems almost fitting that Sandmonkey would be hanging up his keyboard in light of the dangers of being a blogger in Egypt at the moment. This doesn't mean that "they" have won, just that caution is a wise bedfellow in these uncertain times.
It's easy to accuse him of being a quitter when you don't really understand the true threat of living in a society where freedom of thought and expression is not a right and where friends and neighbors can vanish into the clutches of a corrupt police force, leaving you with no higher authority to turn to other than whatever God/s you may believe in.

Good luck, Sam, please be safe and take care of yourself and don't be a hero. You're far more valuable to the cause OUT of jail.


humble simpleton said...

Oh dear Sandmonkey. It was him, who made me read blogs. In the times before, the whole concept of 'blog' was stupid in my opinion. And btw it was his blog, where your humble regular reader found the link to your blog.

TeacherLady said...

Sandmonkey's was my first and absolute favorite blog. If all goes well for him, he may be back, though I don't know how long it would take for Egypt's troubles to blow over. Hopefully in our lifetimes.

I've not been able to reply directly to his posts in a while, but I'm glad you were interested enough to come over to my blog when I WAS able to! I've appreciated your comments and your, dare I say, "comradeship" :) I'll try not to call you "comdrade"... Really.

So when are you going to start your own blog so you can teach us all about life, the universe, and everything from your perspective?