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Tuesday, April 10, 2007

Ah Back To Work...

I believe in Darwinism.

Here is an example of natural selection I witnessed today:

Student 1: Nah man, it's true, it cleans out your system.

Student 2: Mr. Science Teacher, is it true that bleach cleans out your system?

Science Teacher: No, it burns the insides of your stomach.

Student 1: Nah man, if you gotta take a drug test, you drink a small amount of bleach and it cleans out your system.

Not that I would ever wish harm upon a child, but Student 1 is a known drug dealer and drug addict and it would be in everyone's best interests if his mistaken beliefs led him to be put into suicide watch care. Hopefully he'd still be tweeking and they'd realize it and give him a real system clean out! Nothing like a detox in the morning.


humble simpleton said...

You know the Darwin award for the people, who improve human genepool by removing themselves from it?

TeacherLady said...

Oh yes, I haven't been to that website in ages! While I'm glad this student has yet to achieve the criteria for the Darwin Award I fear he's not far off given his lifestyle...