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Tuesday, March 27, 2007

Stranger Things Have Happened.

We’re never short of strange events at school and last week was no exception. We have yet to find out what exactly happened, but it appears one of our students went off the rails.

I’d never really noticed her because she’s one of the few independent students who keeps to herself and never asks for help and pretty much has straight A’s in all classes. I was in her history class in the morning and was going over a study guide with one of my students who was seated right next to her when she started inching her desk towards us and seemed to be listening in, so I turned to accommodate her.
She inched away again.
Then back to us.
Then away again.
She wandered over to the window and the history teacher had to tell her to return to her seat. I didn’t think anything of this because I didn’t know her at all, and I thought the cute pajama pants she had around her neck were just an expression of some charming personality quirk.

Later on, I saw a locker that could have easily been the victim of an internal explosion with most of its contents spewed out onto the floor. It was hers.

After the kids were all gone, I was chatting to one of our security guards and she described a girl who was moving from seat to seat in the cafeteria. When asked what she was doing, the girl responded that she was going to class. She then wandered into the gym and started walking around it. The security guard followed her and asked what her name was. She looked at the security guard, then looked at the bottle of water in her hand, then answered in a voice that lacked any hint of a smart ass:

“Fuji.” She then slowly poured the contents of the bottle onto the floor.

She has yet to return to school, and I really do worry about the poor thing. I can’t imagine what kind of event would cause her to snap like that. I guess my day will come once I’ve been doing this job long enough…


humble simpleton said...

When I went to school, I've never seen anything near to what you describe from time to time. Am I living in a boring country?
Anyway, some bell rang in my head as soon as I got to the "who keeps to herself", because my naive psychology theory says, that anybody keeping to themself is hiding something they are unable to cope with. I mean, is she getting some treatment?

TeacherLady said...

It's my understanding that she's currently receiving help.

My own schooling was far from being this manic! My childhood was quiet, pleasant, and exciting enough for me!