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Thursday, March 22, 2007

Snapping Bra Straps Doesn't Compare.

It would probably bore you to know that another fight was averted by teacher yesterday in the very hallway I work in, so I won't speak of that... The day started off a little differently when I saw a young man curled up in the smallest way possible. Short of some Chinese circus gymnast, I've never seen someone collapse into such a tiny- almost portable- size. Apparently, he had been a fan of "ball tag", until his friend got too enthusiastic and hit him a little too hard in the happy sack.
"A man got to protect his nuggets..." a passerby commented eloquently.
The history teacher I work with was already all over the situation and rather than waste time asking if the guy was okay, or even what had happened, he stood over him grimly to make sure none of the kids stepped on him.
I've always noted that nothing can bring together two or more men in empathy, solidarity, and support than when one of them gets hit in the testicles. Their faces adopt the look of men who have seen a buddy take a bullet in 'Nam.
When I later found out it was a student who towers over me, I considered suggesting to him that he join the circus, but I doubt he'd fully appreciate my reasoning.

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humble simpleton said...

Oh, my! Poor guy.
Of course we do, 3 hells of a pain is 3 hells of a pain.