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Thursday, March 15, 2007

Mona Lisa Speaks Up For Herself.

I'm afraid I would only believe in these scientists' ability to predict a voice by the appearance of an individual if they were able to take my own photo and give me an accurate assertion as to what my voice sounds like without their hearing my true voice. There have been plenty of times when I expected a certain voice to come from someone and then was surprised to hear how far off the mark my guess was.

Apparently, my voice makes me sound a lot older than I am because more than once I've had parents come in to meet me after having spoken on the phone and they express their surprise at my youth. One woman even said she thought I would be in my fifties!! I hardly think I sound that mature, but I guess I should be flattered. I guess.

What I would really love is for an accent specialist to try his/her damndest to figure out what my mutt accent is made up of. I love that bizarre mixture of accents Arab teenagers acquire, some lean more towards a British, some towards an American... My personal favorite is when an Iraqi acquires a Scottish lilt. There's another word to describe a Scottish accent but it eludes me... I know it ends with an 'rl'... Hmm...

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