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Monday, March 05, 2007


One of my students wasn't on his medication today, and it was painfully evident. Don't ask me how, but when he takes his pills, he doesn't shout out, he doesn't answer back, and he works. No, they won't put this stuff in the drinking water, so don't ask. Anyway, he decided to forgo giving his teachers the pleasure of a nice start to a Monday, so he yelled his way through three classes that I was lucky enough to have to be in today. During the third class, he came charging up to me with his right hand up in my face.

I-Don't-Need-No Stinkin-Meds-Kid: I broke my knuckle. Look at it, it's busted.
TeacherLady: You look fine.
IDNNSMK: No, look, see? It's bleeding.
TeacherLady (squinting): I'd need a microscope to see any blood. Anyway, you'd be in a lot more pain if it were broken.
IDNNSMK: Nah, I've been knocked out and didn't feel nothin' (I bet you didn't). I would't cry or nothin' if I broke it.
TeacherLady: Well then just go sit down. Get out of the hallway or someone might bump into it.
IDNNSMK: If that happened, I'd just give him a swing on the right.
TeacherLady: Uhu. Only that was your LEFT.
He laughs and it makes me smile because it's the first time he's ever acknowledged the possibility of being wrong. Finally!

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