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Friday, March 02, 2007

If You Can't Beat 'Em...

The Beeb's got the right idea about YouTube... They're using it to promote themselves instead of suing.
I think Hollywood is going to have such a hard time fighting groups like Pirate Bay in Sweden that the only way they can get the profit margin up would be to pay their actors less... If they were paying them tens of millions because that's what they were worth, and they're no longer worth as many millions because of a drop in sales, then is it naive of me to assume they should lower their pay?


Realm Of Dreams said...

I think in most cases the actors are still worth what they are Paid. In reality probably more. Look at both Pirates of the Carribeans movies. The only reason they made a Billion dollars was Johnny Depp. If almost anyone else had starred in those films they wouldn't have been any good. So you pay him $20 million to increase your sales by $800 million. I think what is killing movies is waste. There is no reason a movie should cost $200 million to make. Even if the Star Wars sequels weren't very good they LOOKED beautiful and Lucas made it them for like $80 million apiece or something. He might not know how to write anymore... but he does know how to not waste money... because it's his money. Same as the guy who made Sin City and those. He was offerred more for his budgets by Hollywood and he turned it down because it wasn't necessary. I mean some 60 second commericials cost over a million dollars to make. Why?

TeacherLady said...

Yes, I totally agree that Hollywood (and Broadway) waste money like mobsters waste snitches and if they wanted to increase their profit margin sensibly, they could cut costs without sacrificing quality. I guess it depends on WHERE they make the cuts. Robert Llewelyn of Red Dwarf said that when he worked in America he was stunned by the extravagence of the buffets they gave the actors, and that was for a show that went no where... You'd probably lose some stuck up actors if any of the cuts were made to luxuries like that.