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Friday, March 09, 2007


A use for cockroaches! Back home, we had cockroaches the length of your pinky and there was many a time that they would traumatize us by hiding in our hanging towels. I took to swatting at the towel before pulling it to my body. I'll never forget the time a big fat one plopped out onto the floor and scuttled away. My voice is too deep to emit a girly scream, but I managed a pseudo-squeal at that one.
I also fondly remember (remember fondly? Boldly go... Go boldly... Hmmm) the time my huge brother, who has served in Afghanistan, (AGAINST the terrorists, in case you were wondering) came out of the bathroom with the first towel he could find wrapped around his waist (pink, frilly, one of mum's) with a look of sheer terror on his face. Then this man who knew various ways to end a person's life quickly and quietly stared past me and said:

"A six foot cockroach just landed on my head. In the shower."

I offered my sympathy then laughed.

By the way... I had such a hard time searching for pictures of cockroaches here at work. I guess the blocking software thinks I'm looking for cocks. There is a distinct difference. I'm looking for pictures of the one that you're more likely to see being stuffed into a woman's mouth on Fear Factor, and unless that show got a whole lot more interesting, I'm talking about the insect variety.


humble simpleton said...

Does your brother listen to the modern Afghan music?
Found today, and can't help myself pushing the 'play' button again and again.
Next time, when you fight blocking software, instead of 'cockroach', look for 'la cucaracha', if you add 'imagen' to the search, you will have plenty to choose from, in colors. Won't work if you replace eg. 'bitch' with 'puta' I guess.

humble simpleton said...

And btw, when there's a meeting, and people are comming slowly and one by one, we say 'they are gathering like cockroaches to beer'. It goes back to the old times, when cockroaches also was part of household. Beer was used as a bait to lure them somewhere and then collect and get rid of them. Don't know how it works, because I have never seen one, but maybe you could give the people back home a little advice.

Sam said...

ewwwwww...i hate those little buggers, they are the grossest things ever! that is the one thing im glad i dont see much of in canada...and the cockroacher here are so small..still yucky but now as gross as the ones those huge ones back in lebanon..yikes..gross!

TeacherLady said...

Humble Simpleton, I shall bear the beer idea in mind when I visit my family next. Cockroaches are the one creature on this planet I can't stand to be around... I'm shivering and scratching as I write this!!!

Sam, I'm so grateful the roaches here in the States are so much smaller too. The ones back home fly at people too, which traumatized me as a young teen. This huge bastard flew up at me, and I got startled but couldn't see where it went, then I actually thought to check the underside of my left breast, and there it was. I shuddered all night long!