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Monday, March 05, 2007

Amidst The Primordial Soup Lies a Crouton.

Today in science class the teacher asked the students if they recalled the parts of an atom...

"Umm. Crouton!"

I was reminded of the times my uncle and I used to laugh about the silliest things as we drove across the British landscape, stopping whenever we felt like it and roaming around some charming historical site. Once, we imagined Chicken Kievs in their natural habitats, nibbling on garlic cloves. Another time, we giggled about hamsters in their natural environment of the great plains of Africa, taking down their prey: the antelope. And then there was the soup. If there was primordial soup, there must have been primordial croutons.

I haven't had a nice long drive with my uncle in years.


PHSChemGuy said...


This does not bode well for the coming week of tests...

TeacherLady said...

You understand my fears.

humble simpleton said...

Of course there were primordial croutons, but soon after big bang they anihilated with anti-croutons.