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Tuesday, February 27, 2007

Worm Quartet Wisdom

If I were to write a song about a crazy ex-girlfriend, I would wish it could be as good as Worm Quartet's "Great Idea For a Song." The premise is that he wishes his ex's name had rhymed with something horrendous to provide him with a chance to write a song in her "honor". The following is the part of the song where he rattles off names that would have given him such a creative opportunity:

"Oh your name…might as well
Rhyme with psycho whore from south of hell
Cuz of all the crap you put me through back then
Oh if only your mom and dad
Had named you something that rhymed with “walking talking maxipad”
Think of all the clever tunes I could have penned
Cuz Becky rhymes with yecky
And Missy rhymes with pissy
And Susie rhymes with floozie
And Patty rhymes with fatty
Elizabeth rhymes with kiss-of-death
And Eleanor rhymes with smelly whore
And Marigold rhymes with hairy-holed
And Lauren rhymes with scorin’
Celia Linda Park rhymes with “Feel ya in the dark”
Daisy Rhoda York rhymes with “Easy ho ta pork”
Rhonda Lynn Mae Stutback rhymes with “Fondlin’ my buttcrack”
I’d pay you to change your name to Shelly Hunt"
Great Idea For a Song by Tim Crist aka Shoebox of Worm Quartet.


Dazed & Confused said...

thanks for linking me :)

ur post was so inspiring that I've decided to make a list of my own

ammar rhymes with hemmar
omar rhymes with "bum"-mer
khalid rhymes with bared (cold)
Mark rhymes with shark
tony rhymes with phony
tariq rhymes with shared (absent)
osama dare i say rhymes with koss ommah :O (sorry couldn't resist but i won't translate it)

TeacherLady said...

Hahaha! That's one of the first things I teach my non-Arabic-speaking friends!
Thanks for sharing, I love your list!