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Friday, February 23, 2007

The Wonder That Is Shoebox

Shoebox is the lead (and only) singer of the one-man-band Wormquartet. I think he's absolutely hilarious and writes some pretty witty lyrics (and some not as witty, but still funny, that involve his ass, nipples, or cucumbers). I've decide that putting a link to his site isn't enough, so I'm going to post a quote from his songs every once in a while in the hopes of:

a) Bringing a smile to your face.
b) Encourage you to buy his albums so he can feed his starving child.

From his song "I'm Gonna Procreate"

"I’ve gotten the impression, since I was in preschool
That some people are opposed to my wading in the gene pool
They’ve mostly been subtle hints, but it sure raised my suspicions
When 300 protestors showed up on my lawn and showed me their signed petitions

By Tim Crist (Aka Shoebox)

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