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Thursday, February 15, 2007

Unconventional Means.

Within reason, I'll do a lot of weird things to get my kids to learn. Today, a colleague of mine was a witness to such embarrassment.

TeacherLady: Precipice?
Sweet Student: I dunno. Man, how am I going to remember that one?
TeacherLady: It means 'a steep cliff'. Um. Okay. I know this sounds dreadful, but you know how the last syllable sounds like 'piss'? Imagine a guy is peeing over the edge of this steep cliff.

I saw her eyes dart towards the door over my shoulder. I KNEW someone was there, but I had started my point and I was going to finish it! Her eyes looked back at me. The person must have left after hearing me talk about pissing off of cliffs. I had to keep things rolling.

TeacherLady: Precipice?
Sweet Student: A steep cliff!
TeacherLady: I bet someone was just looking at me really weirdly and wondering why I'm talking about urination with a student, right?
Sweet Student: (Nodding). Uhu. Yup.
TeacherLady: Great.

I found out who it was an explained myself. Thankfully he seems to be cool with it, but my cheeks are going to feel hot every time I see him now! Too bad he's in the class right next door!

By the way... She aced her vocabulary quiz.


humble simpleton said...

I recalled today, that you are fond of puppets and animation. You definitely must see this
some short clips on youtube, search 'fimfarum'. I don't know whether somebody released it in america, but if you can find it, you will be awarded.
Sorry for the off-topic :-)

Carmen said...

I'll do anything to get my kids remembering things as well. All's good when it comes to teaching...