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Monday, February 26, 2007

Some Are More Equal Than Others.

I had a really interesting dream this past weekend. I dreamed all these people were being called to a huge meeting in some cavernous hall and we were being segregated into groups. Those with any amount of German blood into one, and all the others in another. Those with German ancestry were seated in a neat circle and I recognized them as people I knew and people I worked with, only they didn't look at me the same way any more. I knew it wasn't as bad as it was going to get, but I could see the beginnings of sneers and looks of superiority and disdain in their eyes. They were a mix of races, but had isolated themselves based on one superficial characteristic and used it as a means of isolation more than a means of identification.

In reality, I have a little Austrian in me (that's what she said), and I have no bone to pick with Germans, but obviously my dream was inspired by historical events, though purity wasn't an issue.

As someone who has never really felt part of one specific group, it was unpleasant to feel actively excluded from such a large one. I'm so lucky that I usually get to surround myself with such an amalgamation of various races, religions, and personality types that I always feel a part of something. As a child, I was pushed into so many molds into which I just didn't fit and was even fed the kind of lessons of superiority that I thankfully had enough sense to ignore.

Because we all know the real truth, don't we? If it's not Scottish, it's CRAP.


zhen said...

Haha, Scots rule! Yeah, the superiority thing was never a huge issue to me cause I never had any reason to feel superior to my friends and the people around me. Mainly because it was them feeling superior not me.

TeacherLady said...

In watching Indians and Pakistanis around me get treated like crap and constantly having better treatment because of my race/family name, I was sick and tired of such outdated Victorian scoiety crap. I'm glad to be out here where my race doesn't get me ahead... My tits do. Just kidding! :)