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Monday, February 26, 2007

The Kite Runner

Having read The Swallows of Kabul, I was interested to read the perspective of an Afghan ex-pat in Khaled Hosseini's The Kite Runner.

The Kite Runner presents the memories of a man who grew up in Kabul and turned 18 at the onset of the Russian invasion. Fleeing the country with his father, he leaves many ghostly memories behind but when they continue to haunt him in his new life in San Fransisco, he is forced to face them.

Highly sentimental (and not in a bad way), Hosseini weaves the delicious tangible, edible, olfactory, and audible strands into a tapestry backdrop and it made me wonder how many of these memories actually belonged to the author and not just his protagnist.

While it seemed to depict one disaster after another, and he presents such finality with the use of phrases along the lines of "It would be the last time...", "...I'd never see him again", "...it would be the last..." it came across as less nihilistic than The Swallows of Kabul. I wondered how much more I would learn about life in Afghanistan and I was fascinated to learn about the words in their language that were related to words I am familiar with in the Arabic language. I'm into language in that respect.
Quite enjoyable, but I must move on to a different genre to expand my horizons further!


RC said...

are you excited for the movie adaptation of this book?

TeacherLady said...

I didn't even look to see if they were going to make a movie! Cool! I think it'll make a great movie as long as they're true to the darker elements of the book.

Thanks for letting me know!