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Thursday, February 08, 2007

Her Moans.

I have come to the conclusion that being a woman kinda sucks. At the risk of sounding like a feminazi who's about to yap on and on about the abuse and oppression of women in this testosterone driven world, let me clarify: Hormones.

While I have NEVER used hormones as an excuse for being a bitch in the past, I will now.

Having been a co-producer in the creation of a beautiful little person and having breast-fed that perfect little person for 6 months, mine are fluctuating like you wouldn't believe. I figured going back on the Pill would level things out. WRONG! The most stupid things can move me to tears and I've caught myself staring off, feeling... Well... Not much of anything at all. However, I now know why the Pill is effective in its primary purpose of preventing conception... It can reduce a woman's sex drive to that of castrated monk with no interests beyond that of building model airplanes.

It's now that I understand what my ADHD students mean when they say that their medications make them feel "not like myself". I feel guilty for all the times I thought "Well, the meds do what they're supposed to do, they're a success, so why fight them?" Thankfully, I never said anything like that out loud. I hate not feeling like myself, and I know my husband certainly hates it too! We both miss that naughty, naughty girl and hopefully, when a new option comes along, we will celebrate her return someday. With a spanking.


humble simpleton said...

And the picture you just got somewhere, or this Loestrin is your pill? Search for loestrin with google, first hit should be on drugs.com, ctrl+f 'side effects'
see? according to them you have the 'less serious side effects' and should be glad you do not experience sudden loss of vision or dark urine.
Anyway, there is broad variety of pills, and the doctor should perform thorough examination, before prescribing one, and if one is not suitable for you, then try another, just tell him. Also on the drugs.com they say something about 3-6 months transition period. Harsh, yes, but imagine your 'celebration' after 6 months spanking deprivation :-))))

TeacherLady said...

Haha! I don't know if I should spoil your fantasy, but they don't perform a "thorough examination" and SHE said that most pills have this result. She may very well be wrong, but I've tried more than I can remember and I'm tired of switching.
As you say, it could be far worse.
Looking at all the possible side effects of the Pill, I got off easy. Um. As it were.

Joan said...

It took trying about six different types of pill for me before I found one that didn't have side effects.

Loss of sex drive...wow...poor lady!

TeacherLady said...

Joan, thanks for the sympathy. I knew you'd understand how dreadful this is for a woman to experience! I guess I'll look into my options, because this simply won't do.