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Wednesday, February 14, 2007

Happy Valentine's Day!

I got my husband a gift card to get a massage at a salon for men run by hot chicks. Yep, I'm just THAT confident in myself. Or delusional. One or the other. Either way, I'm happy.

It's been weird not going to work for the past few days because of snow. I'd rather have my snow days spread out since we only get so many before they have to start extending the school year into the summer. Growing up in the Middle East, we had "rain days" when the inadequate drainage of the school building meant the place was flooded for a while. I feel bad for today's kids because I understand improvements have been made so that doesn't happen anymore.

*** Possible Spoiler for The Purple Rose of Cairo ***

Since my husband was working today, I watched The Purple Rose of Cairo which has been sitting on my TiVo forever. Perhaps if I'd known it was about the fact that wish fulfillment is but a dream and escapism is only as long as reality permits, I may not have chosen to watch it on a day that's supposed to inspire romance, but I enjoyed it nonetheless. It struck me as a movie that would be just as good as a short since the message was pretty to the point and the subplots were more like cardboard cutouts set in the background to add a little more depth. I must admit, it reminded me of the fantasy I used to have about some intense, charismatic, witty, intelligent guy staring longingly at me across a crowded room and falling instantly in love with me before he even knew my name... However, he doesn't go on to do that thing all guys in movies in the thirties and forties did to their women- grab me by the shoulders and shake me saying something along the lines of "I love ya, I tell you, I didn't wanna... You hear me? I LOVE ya!" then mash his mouth against mine at the risk of knocking my teeth out, slipping a disk in my back, and crushing my skull in his grip. Yeah. I'm funny like that.

I'm still occasionally adding movies to my list, so feel free to make recommendations/suggestions/comments.

May the night bring you dreams of romance.


humble simpleton said...

Some men drool like Pavlov's dogs, when they see hot chicks, another men appreciate qualities beyond just being hot chick. Your hubby chose you as his wife, therefore he is second type, and as such he would rather get a man massaging him, because men have more power in their hands, which is better prerequisite for good massage. I think you can be confident.
How does a person used to live in some 50°C, where everybody get cold when it drops to 20, cope with temperatures like -15?
I fell instantly in love with you, and I don't even know your name. When I first came to your blog, it went instantly to the favorites. Well that can't be called love, just sympathy, but then the picture of you before the fourthgraders appeared, and that was a direct hit. But hey, isn't vogon poetry too much for fourthgraders?
Maybe it will be hard to find in the USA, but if you happen to dig out some of these, don't wait a minute and watch:
I'm such a Czech zealot :-))

TeacherLady said...

Ah flattery becomes you! I'll try not to let it get to my head. However, I really appreciate your positive response to my blog since I know there are plenty more better ones out there.

I'm not very good at handling the cold weather. I'm always shivering when others feel fine.

It being Valentine's Day means I've read poetry worse than that of the Vogons recently...

I will certainly try to find those movies here, though it's not always easy unless some American producer has taken a liking to a foreign film and invests in an American re-release of the movie. Thanks so much for making the suggestions, I always appreciate being directed towards 'new' films, especially those of different cultures.

I only ever knew one Czech person in my childhood and even then, we didn't know each other well. I look forward to learning about your country through you. You're an ambassador now, so don't screw it up! ;)

humble simpleton said...

Don't be bothered by any flattery. I have already get used to the fact that love of my last month or two, is living half a world away and the age gap is also to be held in consideration.
Another movies came to my mind in the meantime, I made the list kinda fast, so let's round it to 10:
When you are ready for another 10, let me know:-))