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Sunday, February 18, 2007

Gloomy Sunday

I adore eerie stories, and though I've yet to see (and hence believe in) ghosts, I satisfy myself with tales that run a chill down my spine. One of my favorite stories is that behind the song "Gloomy Sunday". I often enjoy finding covers of songs I like and have quite a few versions of this one. The Heater Nova version here on You Tube is one of the many I've acquired over the years. Actually, I had initially found an instrumental one and was later surprised to find it had been altered to act as Heather's backing track. The cello was a perfect choice as it sounds as mournful as a man weeping.

In college, I had to take a philosophy class and so picked "The Philosophy Of Art". For my assignment, I had to compare two pieces of related art, so I choice the instrumental and the Sarah McLachlan's versions and did a fairly cool presentation, if I do say so myself, sharing the story of the string of suicides, dubbing it the "Hungarian Suicide Song"; how Billie Holiday's version had to have a sappy, happy addition made to it before the radio station would permit its airing in the era of America's climb out of the Depression onto the stage of World War II.

While my Sunday wasn't the least bit gloomy beyond the snowy skies overhead, I thought I'd share my rather Gothic interest in creepy stories!

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humble simpleton said...

Great, now I see coffins everywhere. Going for a bit of Nick Cave to fix it. Aaah, lets start with Henry Lee.