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Thursday, February 08, 2007

Get Thee To a Nunnery!

It's a shame that in the modern country of the United States, you can't say the word "vagina" without having some freakish puritan jumping down your throat. If the lady in the following article was truly wigging out because her niece asked her what a vagina was, she's got problems. Changing the name of the show to "Hoohaa" Monologues is just farcical. What's to stop her niece from now having to ask what the hell a "hoohaa" is?

I guess we should be thankful she didn't ask the author of the play to be stoned to death for being a harlot.

About half the population of the world should thus be ashamed at their possession of such a beastly anatomical feature and should promptly whip themselves, bathe in bleach, and beg forgiveness for owning a dreaded "hoohaa".


humble simpleton said...

People should colonize Mars, and fire all jerks there.
Btw, if a child asks you about what vagina is, tell them it was latin for sheath. 'Hoohaa' is the sound that a boy makes, when he sees the unseen for the first time.

Joan said...

I think my sister is petrified that when my neices start asking questions about vaginas, they will ask me instead of her. That would be horrible in her eyes though as I would answer their questions honestly. The horror!

TeacherLady said...

My daughter is going to be so messed up, in that case. I'm so dreadfully honest about stuff like that. When I was a kid, my mum referred to it as the "front bottom"! Hahaha! I love the sound of that. It was more accurate for what I was looking to describe, because the vagina is internal, and I needed a term for the exterior. What do Americans teach their kids it's called when they're young? Older British kids call it a "fanny", but to Americans that means your butt... Oh the confusion...