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Sunday, February 04, 2007

Friday Frenzy.

As I've mentioned before, my colleagues make it surprisingly bearable to come to work before 7am even hits the clock. Every Friday, a colleague of mine and I participate in what we call "The Candy Hunt". We scavenge from office to office, like creatures foraging for food in winter time. We shamelessly gallop from hallway to hallway in search of the best treats.
I now see the irony when my students keep asking me where all my candy is for them to stuff their faces with and I reply "Geez, you moochers, go get your own! I'm paving your bright and shiny futures of success after success!"

No one likes a hypocrite.


humble simpleton said...

And your colleagues are not standing there with rifles, waiting for the predators to appear, so they could shoot them right in their ass?
Btw, rifle is called rifle, because of rifling - spiral grooves in the barrel, that make the bullet rotate and thus be more stable and accurate.
And hey, the picture of the teacherchick is AWESOME, yeeeeeha.

TeacherLady said...

No, they know better. They hand over the candy and no-one gets hurt.