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Monday, February 12, 2007

Dirty Laundry.

As I've said before, I could never hew to any one religion simply because I would never be able to believe all of the philosophies behind any of them, and if I discount one part of it as being inaccurate or archaic, who's to say the rest of it isn't erroneous too?

However, I think it's perfectly acceptable to embrace the positive aspects of a religion with the intention of improving oneself as a human being, a productive member of society, and a contributor to the development of humanity as a whole.

On the other hand, if your religion has beliefs that you find archaic, describe them as such rather than shrug or get defensive to the point of blindness. You can't pretend that certain passages and quotes don't exist and that certain crimes against humanity aren't carried out under the guise of religious doctrines.

This article may offend if you are not willing to accept that people sometimes do shitty things in the name of Allah, and almost as bad, that other people ignore it or claim it's bigotry to expose these points to the world. Don't get me wrong, on the other side of the fence you've got "God Hates Fags" freaks who commit enormous acts of stupidity in the name of their beliefs, so I'm not just limiting my complaints to Muslim fundamentalists alone (emphasis on the third and fourth syllables of "fundamentalists").

If people would be more willing to accept the truth that all humanity is flawed, fewer would adopt the holier-than-thou attitude that only ever leads of death and destruction.


humble simpleton said...

Problem with islam is, that all the things muslims do now, are already written in western history books. Especially in our postcommie history books. Nutters.
As for the religion, Czech republic is mostly and traditionally atheist, so I was never interested in that, untill 11/9, when I was curious what the hell is going on and I started to read about religions of the world, and if I had to choose, I would go confucian.
Not exactly a religion, because there's no bugaboo, but that's it.

humble simpleton said...

Maybe you would be interested in the story of this woman:
In the most recent posts she depicts some family history.