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Monday, February 05, 2007

Bling H2O

I wish I could think up a way of milking stupid rich celebrities like this... Bottled water that costs up to $90 at nightclubs. Unless you get a date with the model who is presenting said bottle of water on the website, I seriously doubt it's worth it.


Anonymous said...

Well, it's their money I suppose if they want to spend it on Swarovski wrapped bottles of water that's up to them. I personally have better things to do.

humble simpleton said...

Sheesh, reading this, my sanity is suffering a lot. And no, it is not worth it, not even if you get a date with the model.

humble simpleton said...

Here's my idea - get youself a shoebox, stuff it with horsesh00t, glue glaspieces on the box, paint it with fancy colors, write around the celebrity propaganda, like limited edition, svarowski, handpicked, natural, certified etc.,
name it Blang Cosmetics face mask, and convince Paris Hilton to advertise that, then sell one box for no less than 500 dollars. Voila, golden goose of your own.

humble simpleton said...

Teacherlady, I was kinda confused, reading your post about your father, and it was a topic too serious for my pesky questions, so I'd like to ask now. Nothing with the message, I agree totally, but I wonder some 'technical' things and that is alcohol, dogs and You going to america. I thought that alcohol and dogs, along with pork and another forbidden things make arabs selfdetonate. Also I thought that, in islamic world, a woman must be under the power of her master, be it father, husband, brother, or she is a pariah. And by power I mean total power, like you can't fart unless your master allows you to. Then I read that you wave 'good bye father, I'm going away, and nowhere else than to the land of the big satan'. whoa?

TeacherLady said...

My father was a very sensitive man, and sensitive to all creatures including dogs. He studied alongside British people for most of his life, and so drinking came along with that. There are those who say that alcoholism is a disease, and maybe it is and he suffered regardless of his religion. He didn't pray 5 times a day, never made the Hajj, never participated in any of the ceremony or ritual of any religion. He was just a giving, gentle man.
Yes, by right he could have called the airport and told them to deny my leaving the country. I had a friend who would have been a doctor had her UNCLE not denied her going to medical school abroad. My father never put his foot down firmly and living with my more liberal, British mother meant I felt options were open to me.
Don't think I don't get shit for making the choice I made, I'm just lucky enough that no one stopped me. Damn good thing too, I wouldn't have made a very good little Arab, Muslim wife!