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Friday, January 19, 2007

Worm Quartet

If you haven't already, please visit the website on my links of "Mind bogglingly talented people" entitled Worm Quartet. It's a one man band led by Shoebox, a very talented, goofy, hyperactive, lovely man who is rather like Weird Al on crack. You must click on his "music" link and listen to sample Mp3s and you will most certainly want to click on the lyrics of each song because he has a tendency to cram so many words into each one that you'll struggle to hear them all and you MUSTN'T miss out on any of it!

Of the ones he's got online, you should definitely listen to/read the lyrics of Great Idea For a Song, the best crazy-ex-girlfriend tribute out there, Frank's Not In The Band Anymore, and I'm Gonna Procreate.

Buy his CDs so his toddler son won't go hungry this week!

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