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Saturday, January 06, 2007

The Wonder That Is Phil Hendrie.

I don't often cry with laughter, but here's a man who knows how to make me do just that: Phil Hendrie. He used to have his own radio show which consisted of him, his fake guests (voiced entirely by him) and unsuspecting listeners who couldn't believe their ears at the outrageous conversations they were hearing who would call in and make fools of themselves by arguing with these fictitious freaks.
Other times, he would simply act out a bizarre conversation between personas as an independent skit with no need for the input of outside callers who always seem to know best. The following is an example of just that. Enjoy.


Peter Lowbander said...

Phil is back on the air and even doing some of the good old fake guest vs real caller interchange comedy again. Good times.

TeacherLady said...

I've not heard much of his recent stuff, but my husband has and he says Phil doesn't take too many real callers anymore so we don't get to laugh at the poor people who think his "guests" are real... I still love Phil and I often quote his classic bits with my husband (the only other person I know who knows who Phil is!)

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