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Monday, January 22, 2007

Talk nerdy to me... Okay, now stop. Please. Just stop.

Okay, I may be a geek, but you couldn't pay me ENOUGH to be an audition judge for this.

My memories now drift back to an incident I had in the Star Trek Experience in Las Vegas... I politely responded to a fellow nerd who started to talk to me about the wall of movies and DVDs before us, when he started to go into detail about his extensive laserdisc collection of Star Trek: The Next Generation episodes. Another nerd joined in I actually had to excuse myself and walk away because the level of nerdiness had gone far beyond my tolerance level. I tend to lapse into the same level of despair when nerds argue which superhero/villain would win in a fight between two superheroes/villains, how, and why...

What truly amazes me is how picky they pretend to be about women. Even my teen male friends from my childhood.

"Yeah, I'd do her..." Right. Like she'd even grant you a glance in your direction.
Or even "Oh gross, she's OLD" said of a woman in her early thirties. I guess that was "old" to them back then.

I don't care how picky they make themselves out to be, if any of those women even gave a cursory consideration to shagging them, they'd be falling over themselves in anticipation.

If Paris Hilton staggered into a nerd's apartment, intoxicated to the point of sharing the contents of her dinner all over her pitiful dog, made Courtney Love look like she'd had a multimillion dollar extreme make-over, and threw herself at said nerd, I doubt he'd turn her down.

I have always found nerds to be my cup of tea, both as someone to share a friendship with, or fancy the pants off of, but in moderation! Thankfully, my husband and I practice a healthy level of nerdiness and it never gets out of hand...

Okay darling, tonight you'll be Batman and I'll be Cat Woman and let's see who'd win THAT fight! Purrrrfect. ;)


humble simpleton said...

I'd never do her, not even if she had a bag over her head. Not just because she is slim (and some like it well-done, you know..), but there's something about Miss Hilton that totally kills all passion. Same with Britney Spears. Still there is the possibility that having her in my arms I would reconsider, but I doubt that.

TeacherLady said...

I guess it's the fact that they both look like they're in need of a shower and a shot of rehab that makes them less than sexy.