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Tuesday, January 09, 2007

Subs, Subs, Glorious Subs.

Usually when there's a sub in for one of the teachers I regularly work with, I avoid the room like the plague. If I walk in there, the sub usually abandons all responsibilities and dumps them on me "because you know the kids better"and then goes and surfs the Internet for the rest of the bell. If I were given their pay, it would be a different matter, but I'm not... And as much as I relish the sheer delights of expanding young minds beyond the boundaries of disability and poverty- if I ain't gettin' paid, you can get stuffed.

When I heard a sub was going to be in the history class, I felt guilty. The college student would have to endure the situation alone and I rather like her, so I decided not to ditch her with whatever sub was assigned. Especially when I learned that the sub was "Crazy Vietnam Vet Guy". The last time I avoided his work, he reduced a good student to tears and wrote up five or six not-so-good ones, all while screaming about how they wouldn't last one minute in the jungles of Vietnam.

Thankfully, the college student is new enough to the whole concept of teaching that she didn't abuse me the same way others sometimes do, and she taught the class with me tucked away in the back trying to keep the kids' snotty behavior to a minimum with hard stares and quietly muttered requests, and the "Crazy Vietnam Vet Guy" sat quietly at the computer. The students hated him, so I made sure to keep their dissent to a low rumble.

The subject of conversation moved onto Al Capone as they discussed America in the 20s. As all these students are enamored of Al Pacino's movie Scarface, they set aside their unanimous hatred of the sub to give noises of approval for their favorite mass-murdering drug-dealing addict.

Student1 (of the infamous "Gardening Time with Student1 and Student2"): I wish I could be like Al Capone.

Then the sub said something that raised my respect for him just enough to indulge him with a smile.

Crazy Vietnam Vet Guy: What, have syphilis and die?

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Wacked, the lot of 'em