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Wednesday, January 03, 2007

Sometimes I wish I were deaf.

In my job as a special educator, I often circulate in the regular classes that my students attend to keep them on track as well as to keep abreast of what work they should be doing when they come to me for one-on-one support. Unfortunately, this leads to my overhearing a lot of conversations as I do my rounds getting everyone to work.

Prior to the Christmeidquansukkah break, I overheard this conversation:

Student1: Nah, nah, man, you're supposed to put orange peels on the soil.
Student2: Does it make it taste better?
Teacherlady: What are you guys talking about?
Student1: Rosebushes.

Teacherlady (to Teacher, quietly): Am I missing something? Is "rosebush" a new term for..?
Teacher: Yup, it's weed.
Teacherlady: I guessed as much... I can see it now. Gardening Time with Student1 and Student2.

Today, they've decided to expand their horizons.

Student1: Nah, nah, man (he always seems to be contradicting his less accurate companion) you have to make the paper wet first.
Student2: An' in worked?
Student1: Yeah man, they lookeded (that's the best way I can spell it phonetically) so real we spent them in Deveroes. Twennies an' evertyhin'. We was all up in there spendin'. There was mass of us with em.
Student2:So you fixed the border?

Teacherlady (to teacher, quietly again): I see our boys have changed vocations.
Teacher: Counterfeiting? You should have been here yesterday. They brought in samples of their "work". They were so crappy with huge white borders because they printed them on white paper, and one had the same thing on both sides, only one side was upsidedown.
Teacherlady: I'm surprised they didn't have little trains on their money.

I look forward to seeing them on World's Dumbest Criminals one day.

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