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Thursday, January 11, 2007

Something Disturbing This Way Comes.

If you're into darker comic books/graphic novels and have an admirable ability to keep your lunch down at the sight of some horrific, ghastly graphic scene of violence and love epic story-telling, then Preacher by Garth Ennis is for you.
Recently, I've found out that HBO will be creating a mini-series of the stories. While I'm delighted that their budget never disappoints (Carnivale, Six Feet Under etc.), I am concerned that it will lose something in the transfer from the page to the screen. It doesn't need to be another Sin City where each frame is duplicated onto the big screen, but I want the tone and plot to be preserved to the point that I instantly see Garth Ennis' sick sense of humor throughout.
For those of you who don't know, Preacher is about a disillusioned man's attempt to find God, who has apparently really pissed him off. His adventures along the way are colorful indeed with the inclusion of vampires, mutant freaks, a sadistic antagonist with the best lines ever, the Saint of Killers, and of course Red Neck cannibals.
This is NOT your primary colored superhero graphic novel series, and I loved it.

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