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Saturday, January 20, 2007

Reasons I'm a Dweeb

I'm a dweeb because...

  • I own a Star Trek: Deep Space Nine costume. (Haven't had the opportunity to wear it, though. Was meant to for a Halloween party...)
  • I can identify most of the "original" Muppeteers from the 70s and 80s by watching and listening to the Muppets.
  • I know Dulce Et Decorum Est by heart.
  • I bought and read Stephen Hawking's A Brief History of Time of my own volition. When I was a teenager.
  • I want to buy the Princess Leia slave girl costume, but it costs $200.
  • I can imitate some of the more obscure robots/androids from Star Wars movies.
  • I do a mean Fozzie Bear "Wokka wokka" impersonation.
  • I love documentaries on just about everything.
  • I can laugh at Dungeons and Dragons jokes.
  • A trip to the bookstore sounds ten times more exciting than a trip to a nightclub.
  • I used to read two or three novels at a time in high school.
  • I've only ever kissed one man, my husband.
  • Etymology fascinates me.
  • When I hear the numbers "6" and "7", I think of Six and Seven. Sigh.

I may periodically add to this list as a form of catharsis. It's cheaper than therapy.


Anonymous said...

doesn;t that technically make u a geek, not a dweeb?

humble simpleton said...

>Etymology fascinates me.
There's a town in Czech Republic called Jachymov (german 'Joachimstal' , das Tal = valley, Joachims valley).
Since 14th century silver Prague Grosch coin was made there. Germans called it 'Joachimstaler munze' (coin of Joachimstal), or for short just taler. It was famous and credible coin, used throughout Europe, even Arabs knew that. How do you think it was called in England? Etymology is fascinating indeed.

TeacherLady said...

anonymous, it's true, it should have been "geek", but for some reason I was really liking the sound of the word "dweeb" that day! I don't often use it in conversation...

humble simpleton, based on my limited research, it was called a dollar in England two centuries prior to the use of the word in America!
Thanks for enlightening me, I always love to learn!

humble simpleton said...

What exactly did you mean by the last 6 and 7 thing? Who are those girls?
btw. the word 'robota' means 'labor' in some slavonic languages, besides that it is a word for mandatory work on the fields of a feudal master, serfdom? Karel Capek, Czech writer, in a novel 'R.U.R.' from early 20th century, first used the word 'robot' for humanoid machine 'laborers'. Actually, it was an idea of his brother Josef Capek, a painter, who adviced him 'robots', when Karel thought about how to call them.
If only they could see nowadays Japanese pets.

TeacherLady said...

"Six" is from Battlestar Galactica and "Seven" is from Star Trek: Voyager.