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Thursday, January 25, 2007

Ole! Ole Ole Ole!

Ah the "Beautiful Game", "footie", football, soccer... Whatever you want to call it, it inspires thoughts of tanned, pony-tailed male bimbos whose feigned injuries are worthy of Oscar recognition (or at least the Soap Opera Award for Over Acting), British hooliganism, and other testosterone-driven childish behavior, both on and off the field.
However, testosterone-driven childish behavior is the birthplace of some of the best comedy ever, as demonstrated in this article.
Go on. Laugh, it's okay to be a little cruel.

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humble simpleton said...

Time ago I heard about 2 german towns, I dont remember the names now, whos soccer fans were enemies to death (not literaly, normal rivalry). Thing is, that both towns lie on same river, and the town lower on the river is regularly experiencing inundation. The fans of the higher town are singing something like:"When the water is high, we stand on the bank with buckets adding some."